Underground Solutions, Inc. is the leading experienced underground utility location company in Southern California.  USI was formed out of necessity by experienced utility contracting experts that realized the need for safe, fast and accurate underground utility locating. The business has exploded as more engineering firms, water & sewer districts, municipal customer and utility contractors realized the need to perform due diligence due to the high costs of repairing underground utilities that were not properly located and documented. Underground Solutions, Inc. and their team of highly qualified operators and management are committed to performing a fast, safe and accurate utility locating service. Our high velocity air-driven excavation delivers the power to cut precise holes into the earth without damaging the utility being located. Our “dry” system provides a more economical and environmentally friendly method of excavation that our competition simply cannot deliver.


Underground Solutions, Inc. operates in Southern California & is ready to help you complete your next project NOW!



Our safe and efficient air excavation lets us locate and verify the exact size, depth and condition of all utilties.

We can save you real TIME & MONEY on your next development project!