USI ServicesIf you’re looking for underground utility location services in California, air-powered excavation offers all the advantages of water, with none of the drawbacks. Air is nonconductive, it won’t harm the utilities you’re digging to expose or the road base you must go through, and it maximizes utility visibility. Air/Vacuum excavating cleans up fast and is environmentally safe, preventing the need to utilize best management practices (BMP’s) for water runoff. Air-powered excavation also provides subsurface utility engineering (SUE) data by determining the precise vertical, horizontal, size and type of the utility for accurate planning of a construction project.

USI’s top-of-the-line Vac Master 4000’s capacity and consistent performance day-in and day-out make it a professional’s number one choice. When you combine the power of our equipment with the seasoned experience and expertise of our management and crews you get the best pothole solution available anywhere!

Make USI your First Choice for underground utility location services in California!



  • Minimizes construction delays
  • Traffic control provided
  • No water and non-conductive
  • State of the art equipment
  • Environmentally safe



  • Open & close surface included
  • Least disruption to property
  • Fastest process
  • Enough power for the hardest soils
  • Won’t harm utilities or road base
  • Easy to backfill & resurface



  • Sub-surface engineering data
  • Decrease utility relocations
  • Complete photographic record
  • Most detailed reporting available





Still wondering how the power of air can save you time and money?  Watch this video and learn how an air excavated six foot pothole will benefit your project.