Over 60-years of utility construction
and rehabilitation expertise.

Underground Solutions, Inc. is the #1 underground utility location
company in Southern California.

USI was formed out of necessity by experienced utility contracting experts that needed safe, fast, economical and accurate underground utility locating. Our business has exploded as more engineering firms, water & sewer districts, municipal customer and utility contractors have realized the need to perform due diligence, because of the high costs of repairing underground utilities that were not properly located and documented.

Underground Solutions, Inc. and our team of highly qualified operators and management are committed to performing fast, safe and accurate utility locating services. Our high velocity air-driven excavation delivers the power to cut precise holes into the earth without damaging the utility being located. Our “dry” system provides a more economical and environmentally friendly method of excavation that our competition simply cannot deliver.

Underground Solutions, Inc. serves customers across California & is ready to help you complete your next project now!

It’s All About Air Power.

Still wondering how the power of air can save you time and money? As industry leaders, we know a thing or two about air excavation. Air excavation is considered safer than using water, and it's more cost efficient, and it’s environmentally safe.

Watch these videos and learn how an air excavated six foot pothole will benefit your project.

Locate your assets 2X faster and save money.