Save time, money, and prevent damage to your city utilities.

Potholing is an essential best practice before you proceed with installing or replacing any city utility.

Any utility hit is dangerous and costly to your bottom line. Accidents and their resulting damage can only be prevented when you commit to damage prevention. That prevention comes from knowing exactly where your utilities are located visually and on paper.

Vacuum based potholing is the most popular & efficient method for locating utilities, allowing you to quickly dig small, precisely controlled potholes to uncover the utilities you will be repairing or replacing. Because vacuum excavators dig deeper than is possible with shovels, they uncover your utilities without the risk of damage, helping you to respect all tolerance zones.

The power of air gets you:

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Unmatched safety

The safest method of utility location. It’s also the most gentle method of revealing buried assets, reducing the risk of damage and delays.

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Unmatched speed

Air excavation is the fastest process
 available, with enough power for the hardest soils. It won’t harm utilities or the road base. We can easily backfill & resurface quickly.

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Lowest cost &
highest accuracy

Air excavation offers the lowest true cost and the highest accuracy of all possible location methods.

These utilities & agencies have partnered with USI
for their utility location needs.

  • San Diego County Water Authority
  • So Cal Metro Water District
  • Eastern Municipal Water District
  • SDGE
  • Otay Water District
  • Riverside County Flood Control & Water
  • Conservation District
  • San Diego Unified School District
  • Helix Water District
  • University of California San Diego

Locate your assets 2X faster and save money.