Air-based excavation is the best solution for your city projects.

Wherever precision digging is needed within your municipality, using the power of air provides the safest, fastest, most cost-effective option available. But, vaccum excavation isn’t just about potholing.

Vaccum excavation is the best choice for many types of projects, such as excavating for water valve replacements, trenching, cold-weather digging, as well as pipeline locating, identification and rehabilitation.

Make USI your First Choice for underground utility location services in California!

Failures to locate underground utilities
result in excess of

411,000 HITS


The costs associated with underground
facility damages in the United States

$1.5 Billion

IN 2017

The power of air gets you:

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It’s the most versatile method of excavation for many projects. It’s also the most gentle method of revealing buried assets, reducing the risk of damage and delays.

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Air excavation is the fastest process available, with enough power for the hardest soils. It won’t harm utilities or the road base. We can easily backfill & resurface quickly.

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Cost & Accuracy

Air excavation offers the lowest true cost and the highest accuracy.

We can save you thousands of dollars in costs.

These cities partner with USI
to save their residents time and money.

  • City of Laguna Beach
  • City of Dana Point
  • City of Anaheim
  • City of San Diego
  • City of Carlsbad
  • City of Corona
  • City of Garden Grove
  • City of Escondido
  • City of Riverside
  • City of Fullerton

Locate your assets 2X faster and save money.