PositiveID. Don't excavate until all potential hazards are located.

USI Positive ID Locating Services keep your project on schedule, your team safe, and saves you real money.

Underground utilities can be damaged by any piece of equipment of any size…even something as innocent as a shovel can inflict thousands of dollars of damage, create a potentially hazardous situation and delay your project for days.

High voltage lines can be deadly if struck accidentally; Fiber optic lines cost thousands of dollars to repair; gas, water, sewer, and tele-communication lines require extensive safety precautions.

In order to promote safety and save you the headache of lost time, money, injuries and insurance claims, USI now offers the most technologically advanced and cost efficient underground utility locating service available in California. Our locating services are based upon our PositiveID locating technology, combining GPR, Electromagnetic Locating and Concrete Scanning to mark, locate, and manage underground asset points; delivering the most accurate data possible faster and more cost-efficiently than our competitors.

Make USI your First Choice for underground utility location services in California.

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Underground Solutions
PositiveID locating services include:

Wet Utilities

Water Pipelines/services
Sewer Mains/Laterals
Storm Drain Systems/Yard Drainage

Dry Utilities

Gas Mains/services
Telephone/TV/Fiber Cable
Communication Lines

Types of Services

Ground Penetrating Radar
Electromagnetic Locating
Concrete Scanning
Small Diameter CCTV
Leak Detection