Potholing is the most cost effective SUE solution available.

Hitting a gas line with a backhoe, trencher or HDD could be catastrophic to your project.

And the cost of shutting down your project for a day or more could easily exceed thousands of dollars. Because not all areas for construction are safe and feasible for large equipment or extensive excavation, using the power of air-excavation is the method of choice of underground utility location for contractors.

Vacuum excavation delivers the most accurate, precise potholes without leaving a mess, or the risk of lost time and money due to utility damage.

Potholing is the right soltuion for your SUE, due diligence and risk management needs.

Air excavation is the perfect solution for all SUE needs.

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USI gives you the lowest risk of damaging utilities on site. Our methods give you visual confirmation and documentation of all utilities.

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Air excavation is the fastest process available, with enough power for the hardest soils. It won’t harm utilities or the road base. We can easily backfill & resurface quickly.

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Doing due diligence with USI keeps your project on time, because our methods help you ensure that your teams are 100% safe with a reduced risk of injury.

These contractors have partnered with USI
for their SUE needs.

  • DPR Construction
  • JF Shea
  • Flatiron
  • Kiewit
  • Condon Johnson & Associates
  • Skanska
  • Swinterton
  • WE O'neil
  • Dynalectric Company
  • Level 10 Construction

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