Nothing beats Air Power

Let us show you how a vacuum can save your project time and money.

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PositiveID Your Utilities
Don't excavate until you have a PositiveID on all of your private utilities.
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Detailed Reporting
Get the most detailed reporting available in California, including complete photographic records of all utilities onsite.
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Air Rules
Air-based excavation is the fastest process available with enough power for the hardest soils and the toughest locations.
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It’s All About Air Power.

Still wondering how the power of air can save you time and money? As industry leaders, we know a thing or two about air excavation. Air excavation is considered safer than using water, and it's more cost efficient, and it’s environmentally safe.

Watch these videos and learn how an air excavated six foot pothole will benefit your project.

How Does It Work?


Accurate Location

We mark all our locations using standard methods to define the location of all utilities.



Once the earth is exposed, we use air powered excavation to locate and verify the exact size, depth and condition of the utilities you need located fast!


Recorded Information

Underground Solutions' data collection and photographic documentation are the most thorough and accurate in the industry. Your report will be guaranteed 100% accurate.


Return to Service

We fill in the potholes, repair asphalt and return the area to the community the same day. Who else does that?

The best people with the best equipment saves you time and money!