Exploratory Project – More than just a Pothole Company!!

Underground Solutions was asked by a local Engineering firm if we could assist them on a exploratory project . The area of concern was a potential leaking  Main in a residential area. Hydro Excavation was not an option, since the soil could not be captured dry for future testing. USI prepared the site, set up Traffic Control with flaggers, broke out the asphalt in designated areas, air excavated the soil into 55 Gallon canisters for future testing, worked with the drillers for deeper in hole soil samples. Once sampling was complete each location was slurry backfilled and Hot Asphalted back in place. 

By using our system no excavated material was handled by hand increasing the potential for false contamination readings. The site remained clean and the Client received the info and soil samples they needed. Another successful project completed by Underground Solutions Inc. Remember USI is more than just your average Pothole Company, Our vast General Engineering Construction Experience allows us to think outside the box to help you come up with Solutions to your challenging Projects! 

I would also like to take this moment and wish everyone a Safe and Happy 4th of July! Having just completed a motorcycle journey across this Beautiful country, it makes me so proud to be able to call this land Home! 

Happy Fourth of July!