Miramar Water Treatment Plant

Underground Solutions was recently asked if we could locate the end of a 120” casing 18’ deep and determine the joint location on the 84” carrier pipe feeding into the transition vault at the Miramar Wastewater Plant in San Diego.

The engineer needed to verify the entire joint and measure the distance going into the vault. In order for this to be achieved USI and its crews self-preformed the excavation and shoring to get within 5’ of the top of the 120” casing. Once this process was safely completed USI’s crews proceeded to excavate the final 5’ using the vacuum excavation method eliminating any chance for damage of the casing or carrier pipe. The project was successfully completed in one day helping the customer meet their tight design timeframe!

With its strong General Engineering background and compliment of people and equipment, Underground Solutions should always be your First Choice for Potholing no matter how challenging they may seem!!