USI’s Q & A reel


(USI Crews helping locate and repair an emergency water main break in South San Diego for Cal American Water. )

USI, Inc’s Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your company headquartered?

Underground Solutions, Inc. is located in San Diego, CA.  USI is currently servicing clients throughout the entire state of California with an expansion plan to move into the Arizona and Nevada regions and possibly as a far east as Tennesee.


Air?  Why do you guys use Air?

Using compressed Air to cut through the earth instead of pressurized water or conventional methods has many beneficial factors.  When you use air there is a never ending resource of it, unlike water, there is no refilling of tanks or worries of wasting water.   A second advantage when you excavate using air is the spoil ( the dirt being dug from the ground), stays dry allowing the same soil to be placed back in the trench immediately following the exploration work.  One more advantage to digging with air is the safety it brings.  Unlike water, air finds the utility being potholed and flows around the pipe or conduit being examined instead of cutting through or damaging the utility, which can prove to be very costly both on your wallet and on the physical health of the men working.


Do we have to pay for Travel to the site?


Travel time is generally only billed to a client when the project is quoted as “Hourly” based on an 8 hour work day.  When a project is quoted on a “Per Pothole” basis, meaning that USI will only charge for the agreed upon per hole price,  travel time is not charge for projects inside of San Diego County limits.  A standard fee will be applied for each additional hour required to travel to and from the project site.    

Of course like many other aspects of the underground construction industry, each project is its own situation and Underground Solutions understands that.  The projects are quoted to fit each projects specific needs.