Which part of the Contruction industry is Underground Solutions Inc.?


Two USI Crews working with a pipeline contractor to locate, excavate and visually verify the condition of the welded joints on the existing 54″ and 30″ steel pipe.  (Normandy RD Menifee, CA  Project Owner – Eastern Municipal District.)

What kind of Business is Underground Solutions Inc.?

USI specializes in Air Vacuum Excavation for the primary use in the Pre-Construction process of a project.  USI will locate, excavate (Dig) and verify (expose) subsurface utilities in 1 hour (average per pothole/utility) without the Risk of damaging any of the utilities.  The small and mobile working footprint of each USI truck has created a versatile view on the capabilities and services that  Underground Solutions Inc. can provide to both the public and private sectors of the construction Industry.

Each “Pothole” on average is 1 FT x 1 FT square with depth varying due which type of utility we are trying to locate.  USI has the capability of Air Excavating to depths of +20 ft.  Our two man crews work as a team to safely and efficiently locate and verify how deep a utility is, what size pipe it is, existing soil/ground conditions (hard rock, sand, clay etc..).  Photos are taken throughout the process and included in the report along with all the data mentioned above.  The information gathered by this process can be the back bone of any construction project, allowing the project to be built safely among the maze of unknown underground piping in our cities.  (Explore in more detail by clicking on the company website link in the top left corner of the blog page or here www.undergroundsolutionsinc.com )

Our clients include Engineering firms, Municipalities, Utility companies and Contractors.

Engineering Firms –  USI is utilized by engineering firms on a daily basis.  Primarily used during the design phase of a project to verify and locate the depth and size of underground utilities in a particular area that a project is being built.  We then provide the client with a full report on each underground utility located in the specific area needed.

Municipalities/Utility Companies – Since Record Keeping and accurate AS-Built drawings of the pipelines owned by these clients is a bit sparce, USI maintains annual contracts with these clients to provide a on call service.  24/7  on call service is vital for these clients due to the gas ,water and electrical pipelines they provide to the public.

Contractors –  USI provides a contractor with the exact information I discussed in the previous paragraphs.  Before contractors bring in the back hoes and excavators,  they too need to double check the exact depth and location of each underground utility.